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meet_Rhonda I’m here to help you make a difference and be your happiest, wisest and most loving self. I have dedicated my life to helping people discover and put into action the tools, strategies, and resources that create an extraordinary life. This has given me amazing levels of personal fulfillment. .

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Sweet Sounds for Your Soul

I am sitting here on the patio on a sweet Sunday morning with the birds chirping and church bells ringing in the distance, listening to my 80-year-old Mother-in-law playing on her newly purchased guitar, singing her little heart out. All of a sudden she abruptly stops singing, looks me in the eye and says,...


I have a new found attitude. Amen! Hallelujah! I finally have come to the realization that everything is figureoutable! No matter what, there is a solution to every tricky situation. It just takes a bit of brain power to navigate around, to make the right and perfect solution for the issue with some creative...


Damn! I am so happy that big butts and curvy girls are the new trending thing right now! It gives this girl a license to loosen up, let go and do less carb counting! Let’s shake things up a bit, start enjoying life a little more. Last week friends invited us


Marriage is such a big deal in so many ways! Some might think of it as the greatest joy in life, while others look at it as a life sentence. Tonight, I am watching the final episode of the Bachelor. Please don’t judge me, I have


I was shopping with one of my bestie’s this week, in Guadalajara at the Annual Furniture Show. I suddenly realized how inspired I felt, being surrounded by all the designs, colors, fabrics and textures at the show. How it filled up my own personal creative cup. It felt exhilarating to


Go hard or go home! I think the saying goes something like that? As you know, this is the year that we have with great confidence declared, “We are all going to “Live Large” all the while having a hell of a good time doing it.” Sometimes, that sounds
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