Go hard or go home! I think the saying goes something like that? As you know, this is the year that we have with great confidence declared, “We are all going to “Live Large” all the while having a hell of a good time doing it.”
Sometimes, that sounds good in theory, until you put the balls to the wall and try it out in real time. Recently, I found this out the hard way. As you know, I am blabbing to everyone, “When you see an opportunity, run with it, think less and do more.” So I saw an opportunity, and ran with it … sigh.
Picture this, 150 people all eyes on me, as I stand on the performing floor in the middle of a huge crowd; me singing karaoke (which I have never done before) to a song I don’t know, that was a duet that I sang both parts to. Yes, I know, how could this ever have been a good idea? Well, it wasn’t. As soon as, I opened my mouth, to belt out my soon to be “Grammy Nominee” song. The world stopped rotating and all I could hear was this croaky voice that came out of my mouth. It wasn’t even bad, it sucked and I mean, really sucked.
Ok, so we get the point, but the real beautiful theme of this horrid little experience is; it was the worst case scenario and it happened. Big deal, I bombed, who cares nobody died, well maybe a few people’s desire to attend another Karaoke Night. What if it would have been spectacularly fabulous experience; one only knows when we feel the fear and do it anyways. I ended up being super proud of myself for being courageous, trying something new and realizing when I am doing this “Living Large” thing, I just need to implement preparation. Would I jump into the deep end of the pool, without knowing how to swim? Umm NO! Take swimming lessons, fool! You get the point.
So, my dear sweet friends, I throw out a big challenge to you. What are you afraid of tackling this year? What gives you sweaty palms or a racing heart? What would be so awful and scary, to put yourself out there. What if you were a smash hit and found your true passion? Wouldn’t that be the most delightful gift ever to yourself, don’t you deserve fabulous in your life? Such unexpected growth just for you.
We’re not getting any younger, life truly is meant to be played on the court verses sitting in the stands, munching on a big bag of popcorn, as you watch safely from the crowd.
It’s your time to shine. Just go for it. I got you and I believe in you and I will cheer the loudest for you!
Homework: Decide what you’re going to tackle. Try something you have never challenged before and just do it!

Living Life Large

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