Finally our beloved son arrived! It has been five long years since he has come for a visit. We have always been the ones making the trek up to the Great White North. So his arrival has inspired us to pull out all the bells and whistles to make this vacation the best.
I have been lying awake at night plotting out the perfect vacation for him. What should we do?
Sailing, golfing, zip lining, hiking, horseback riding, take in the Art Walk, Shuffle, all the while visiting all five markets in the Bay. Did I mention he is here for six days, two of those travel days? Yes I am ambitious at cramming events in!
Upon his arrival, I was bursting at the seams to show him the Master Plan of all agendas. I handed him his itinerary with great anticipation and delight. Thinking he would be dazzled by his brilliant Mother’s scheduling abilities. Instead, I got a shocked, what the hell, look.
He simply put my beautiful itinerary down on the table and said, “Mom, thanks for the suggestions, but all I just want to do is watch football, drink beer, eat tacos and catch some pool time.” WHAT!!!! My mind raced, thoughts darting, what about all the fun we are going to create, all the culture we would miss.
For football and beer, seriously?
I am proud to say, I pulled myself together, tossed the paper and went to search for my Bronco’s Jersey. Hey, when you can’t beat them, you gotta join them.
What we learnt from this moment is, life does not have to be so rigidly structured to be perfect. When we are in the flow of things, life just beautifully unfolds.
Being together, just hanging was the most joyful moments we could have planned and it was not scheduled! When we think things have to be perfect, we forget that simply spending time together can just be what the doctor ordered.
Getting busy with a schedule, that in itself can become stressful.
Then the schedule can take on a life of its own, the bickering and stress can escalate, pretty soon everyone is exhausted and our guests need to go on a vacation to recover from their vacation. We make a conscious choice to live our lives with the philosophy of enjoying each other’s company, letting things unfold as they are meant to.
That’s what we did with his trip, we shot some pool, caught a few games of football, ate a lot of tacos and just enjoyed each other.
I thank our son for standing in his authenticity, saying it like it is. It taught me a lesson about being chill, enjoying our journey together. It’s so much more fun to live in the possibility of spontaneity versus rigid structure.
Mexico is a great place to be in the moment, being open to stopping and smelling the roses, feeling the sunshine on your face, the sand between your toes and a cold beer in your hand!
Homework: Schedule less and play more!


The Art of being a Good Host

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