I found myself in tears this morning, blubbering to my husband that Christmas is my favorite time of the year and how UNHAPPY I was, that I was not spending Christmas AGAIN without my family in Canada. As I cried, he just had this I don’t know what to do with her look on his face and blurted out, “I will watch the Sound of Music with you.” He knew, that he and our son’s had watched it before at Christmas and was just trying to give me a little piece of our tradition and a feeling of home.
It’s not that I am unhappy about being here in paradise; it’s just Christmas to me is about FAMILY and being together. In saying that, I am blessed to have my husband’s family near; I just simply was feeling homesick. What can one expect with Jingle Bells blasting on every corner? Well, that could be an exaggeration, but that’s how it felt to me! Once I wiped the tears away and felt heard, my little heart felt less heavy, suddenly the fairy dust of Christmas Spirit started to fall upon me.
This heart felt feeling, gave me a chance to sit back and really hear, and see all the beauty of the Christmas season here in Puerto Vallarta; firecrackers and fireworks blasting, music playing, people taking to the streets, night after night, whole heartedly celebrating with such joyous spirits.
The happiness, deep commitment of honoring tradition for both young and old are beautiful to witness. What I love about the Mexican culture is how important family is and put above everything else. Their commitment to their faith and the parties that meld from one day to the next, lingering from the first of December to the end of the year.
The grand finale on December 31st is an elaborate display of a firework celebration for the entire bay to witness, world renown in its electrifying magnificence, is almost too much for words to explain.
With my tears dried and my heart now bursting with gratitude I think to myself, how lucky am I to have family near and far that I love so much and who love me too. I guess it does not matter so much that we can’t be together on one special day of the year. What matters is that we love each other 365 days a year.
We all should celebrate that and just because we can’t be physically with our loved ones on Christmas Day, does not mean our hearts are not with each other where ever we might be.
Merry Christmas Amigos!

Homework: If you are lucky enough to be blessed to be with family on Christmas Day, invite someone who might not have a family to be with you and your family. That would be the greatest gift of all to give.


The Heart of Christmas

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