I was shopping with one of my bestie’s this week, in Guadalajara at the Annual Furniture Show. I suddenly realized how inspired I felt, being surrounded by all the designs, colors, fabrics and textures at the show. How it filled up my own personal creative cup. It felt exhilarating to be in that hustle and bustle of the show’s electrifying environment. An added bonus was all the ‘Fashion Divas’, strutting around in the latest fashions as if they had just got off the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week. It amazes me how people get so decked out to go shopping to buy a sofa? The whole thing was freaking awesome!
This experience made me realize, yet again, the importance of immersing oneself into something that fuels your own creative fire, whatever that might be. Only you hold the key to open that door. You, and you alone, know what your “Authentic Heart” yearns for. Some get fueled by spending time in the great outdoors; others with the intensity of heated debates; others with a paint brush in their hand, stroking at the purity of a blank canvas.
This week I found my creative fix, in textiles and textures, combing the streets of Guadalajara to find my next wow factor. Life is so beautifully, colorfully woven in all its flavors and delights. I truly think a key part of living your chosen “Authentic Life Path,” is seeking out your own creative fix. Whatever that might be, it’s up to you, to set that into motion. To make sure that happens for yourself you need to come up an action plan. Once you have that nailed down, you can immerse yourself into it.
Breath it, feel it, appreciate it and a soulful energy will come over your entire being. Like a well rested body after a delightful massage. You will simply feel rested, relaxed and full of new found energy. This, my friends, will hold you over until your next Creative Soulful Field Trip. Enjoy!
Homework: Seek out something that fires you up. If nothing comes to mind, start trying different things, until you find yourself in a state of awe. Then you will know you are onto something. Don’t stop until you find what your heart is looking for.

What’s Your Creative Fix?

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